Wirelesss Freedom?

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2005 by clauer

Wireless. What does it mean? The word is everywhere. It feels modern and new, something hip, relavant, cataclysimic. To have wires is bad. It is old and unnatural. To have wires is to remain static, tethered to some burdensome thing which slows down, incoveniences, and disrupts the inevitable flow of life away towards its natural destiny. Wireless everything—remote controls, headsets, handsets, computers, handsfree kits—is our mantra. Why in the world is everyone so obsessed with less wires?

Since when has the absense of something—wires—become such an advantage to sales? (Absence of weight being the exception.) A typical american phone bill for wired service averages less than ten dollars a month; for wireless, 45 dollars. Freedom costs, and freedom from wires costs alot.  Economics 101 instructs us that a scarce resource is valuable; well, Time—not money, not oil, not daylight—is the scarce resource of the moment.

How can we possibly consume our required diet of entertainment and communication amidst all the tasks which clamor for our attention and focus? The answering machine, the VCR, the DVR, email, and the cellular phone–these are not, as many have suggested, simply addictions of a consumer society. They are tools, as vital to a modern American as a a hoe to a medieival farmer. They help us to achieve our livelihood. They allow us to satisfy our basic need for entertainment and communication.  By buying us freedom from the tyranny of a fixed schedule, these “time-shifted” tools create more time for meaningful connection and for enjoyable distraction in our lives. No longer must I rush out of the mall to get home by 6:00 so I can get in my call to my girlfriend before the start of Lost.

Ah, the sweet taste of freedom–whatever the cost, for it Americans will pay.


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  1. more info… how do you install that or something.. i think the post is poor… Come on

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